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Bhati, Kaushal Kumar and Aggarwal, Sipla and Sharma, Shivani and Mantri, Shrikant and Singh, Sudhir P. and Bhalla, Sherry and Kaur, Jagdeep and Tiwari, Siddharth and Roy, Joy K. and Tuli, Rakesh and Pandey, Ajay K. (2014) Differential expression of structural genes for the late phase of phytic acid biosynthesis in developing seeds of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Plant Science, 224. pp. 74-85. ISSN 0168-9452

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Pandey, Ashutosh and Misra, Prashant and Choudhary, Dharmendra and Yadav, Reena and Goel, Ridhi and Bhambhani, Sweta and Sanyal, Indraneel and Trivedi, Ritu and Trivedi, Prabodh Kumar (2015) AtMYB12 expression in tomato leads to large scale differential modulation in transcriptome and flavonoid content in leaf and fruit tissues. Scientific Reports, 5 (12412). ISSN 2045-2322

Sharma, Natasha and Tiwari, Vandita and Vats , Shreya and Kumari, Anita and Chunduri, Venkatesh and Kaur, Satveer and Kapoor , Payal and Garg , Monika (2020) Evaluation of Anthocyanin Content, Antioxidant Potential and Antimicrobial Activity of Black, Purple and Blue Colored Wheat Flour and Wheat-Grass Juice against Common Human Pathogens. Molecules, 25 (24). pp. 1-19. ISSN 1420-3049

Sharma , Monica and Sandhir, Rajat and Singh, Anuradha and Kumar, Pankaj and Mishra , Ankita and Jachak, Sanjay and Singh, Sukhvinder P. and Singh, Jagdeep and Roy, Joy (2016) Comparative Analysis of Phenolic Compound Characterization and Their Biosynthesis Genes between Two Diverse Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Varieties Differing for Chapatti (Unleavened Flat Bread) Quality. Frontiers in Plant Science, 7 (1870). ISSN 1664-462X


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Ambalam, P. and Kondepudi, K.K. and Balusupati, P. and Nilsson, I. and Wadström, T. and Ljungh, Å. (2015) Prebiotic preferences of human lactobacilli strains in co-culture with bifidobacteria and antimicrobial activity against Clostridium difficile. Journal of applied microbiology, 119 (6). pp. 1672-1682. ISSN 1365-2672


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Gupta, Priya and Idris, Asif and Mantri, Shrikant and Asif, Mehar Hasan and Yadav, Hemant Kumar and Roy, Joy Kumar and Tuli, Rakesh and Mohanty, Chandra Sekhar and Sawant, Samir Vishwanath (2012) Discovery and use of single nucleotide polymorphic (SNP) markers in Jatropha curcas L. Molecular Breeding, 30 (3). pp. 1325-1335. ISSN 1572-9788

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